Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prayers round one

Well, I guess if I'm going to be a successful enemy prayer blogger, I should probably start by praying for some enemies.

So I'm going to start with the obvious. Those of you who read my other blog heard my Al-Qaida example. Since I stole the idea from Philip Yancey's talk (and will be stealing many more ideas from him as I read his book), I think it's only fair to follow his recommendation: I'm praying for a specific Al-Qaida member: Usama bin Ladin. Yep, the big head dude. But I figure, I want God to do great things, so why not start at the top. Honestly, I don't know what to pray, or even how to pray, but I know the Holy Spirit will intercede on my behalf. I just want the Lord to touch bin Ladin's heart, to work in his life, so that even Usama bin Ladin will clearly see who God is, and know the Lord. I pray that his eyes and his heart will be opened up.

On a personal level, I wish to pray for Judy. Lord, I ask that you give me compassion and love for this woman who constantly torments my thoughts. A woman that I find myself disliking more and more every day, despite my best efforts not to. I also ask you to bless her, even though I often wish for her to be cursed. Lord, it is my hope that you would also open up her heart and her eyes, and even though she is the last person on earth I ever want to be friends with, I ask that you open a freeway of compassion between the two of us, so that we can find common ground.

Finally, because I just wouldn't be me unless I had something shallow in here, I wish to pray for some of the Hollywood celebrities who annoy me: Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Lord, I don't know these women, and I should not be irritated every time I hear their names, but I am. I know it is wrong to dislike them, and I ask that you give me compassion in my heart towards them. I ask you to bless their lives and show yourself to them. I ask you to protect their loved ones, especially Britney's children and family. I ask that you bless and strengthen their relationships, that you would shelter them from strife. Lord, I ask that you bless those who would use these women as role models and create in them a reflection of you so that those who would imitate Paris and Britney would imitate those qualities that reflect you.

In Jesus' Name...


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