Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeting Needs

I recently got an email from an "enemy" who belongs to the same group I do. I don't like or get along with this person, and as much as I try to find ways to like this person, this person drives me up the wall. This person emailed the group expressing a need.

My immediate thought was, "of course so-and-so has a need. This person always has a need."

Then God tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me that I was capable of meeting the need.

As if.

I prayed. And I explained how I was tired of this person taking advantage of everyone else. How I was not going to be one more person enabling this person's bad choices. Now, let's be clear here. I am not talking about an addiction or anything life-threatening.

But I started thinking about all the things I had asked God for. How I wanted to bless others through my resources. Here I was, with the resources to bless someone, and I was choosing not to because I didn't like this person, and I didn't think this person deserved it. Selfish much?

So I emailed the person. I offered to meet the need. And yes, I had every intention of doing so. The person emailed back and let me know the need was already met. Phew! Except I have to admit to being slightly disappointed. Once I'd talked myself into meeting this person's need, I was looking forward to seeing why God was pushing me in this direction. What great thing did He have in store?

The amazing thing about choosing to love your enemies is not that you will end up being best friends with them. Frankly, I still don't like this person. But in choosing to make myself available to meet this person's needs, I made myself available to meet God. And it ended up being a rich encounter with Him I wouldn't have had otherwise.


Blogger Cheryl St.John said...

Seems to me the great thing He had in mind was your change of heart in making the decision to help, no matter your personal feelings. You made the choice and are rewarded for your heart, not necessarily the act itself. God knows our hearts. Showing love isn't easy; it's just right.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Danica/Dream said...

I think you're right. God is always more concerned with our hearts than anything else.

10:19 PM  

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