Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Hypocrites

Thought I might as well go here, since I was just dogging myself for being a hypocrite on my other blog. Because you know, I really hate hypocrites.

I've been faced with them a lot lately, and I'm barely able to control myself over it. For example, I keep hearing all these people I know talk about "poor people" and how they want to help them. Okay fine, great. I totally agree with that. HOWEVER, what drives me insane is that these same people drive their luxury SUVs, live in their million dollar homes, go on their amazing vacations, and then have the nerve to whine about the plight of the poor. I feel so much anger and resentment towards those people. Not so much because I want what they have, although let's be honest here, I'd love it. But because I struggle to give what little I do have, and even though it isn't very much, I hope that it will bless others. It makes me mad when people who have so much more just sit on their butts, saying, "oh we should pray about that."

No, you morons. Instead of buying yet another pair of Manolo Blahiks, why not give it to those same people you're going to pray for?

So since I can't beat them over the head or kill them, I'll just pray for them.


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