Saturday, September 30, 2006


It's been a while since I've posted-as much as I intend to get here, I just seem to run out of steam. It's called having way more on my plate than I should. And probably a little bit of poor time management skills. What can I say, I'm just a mess. ;)

Anyway, for those of you who don't know me, or where I live, recent events have had a huge impact. I live almost exactly halfway between Platte Canyon High School (where there was a shooting tragedy this week) and Columbine High School. The thing I think impacts me the most is how numb to it I am. It's like, "oh, there's another one." And the note that came home the next day with my kiddo about the increased security measures, I thought, "Okay."

(Because I am lazy, and well, because I'm supposed to be chatting about God on "other" issues-read my other blog if you want to know THAT story, I'm copying and pasting a post I wrote on another site, because honestly, I pretty much said it all in that one)

I realized there's a bigger, deeper enemy to pray for, one that you pointed out so well. One of the tools in Satan's bag of tricks is complacency. I'm sure I'm mixing my C.S. Lewis, but bear with me, it's 3 a.m. here and not only am I exhausted, but I'm fighting a cold, and God isn't letting me sleep until He's had His say. Anyway, I'm 90% positive it's in the Screwtape Letters-one of the tools the enemy uses is complacency.

After Columbine, I think we're all numb to this sort of violence in our schools. Honestly, when I heard the news, I thought, "oh, it's another shooting." As in, "oh, I have more laundry to do." Eventually, it did hit me harder, but you know, I look at this, and I hear about this sicko, and I don't see the level of horror in our community that should rightfully be there. There are no additional prayer services, no means of dealing with this other than a letter that went home with the kiddo outlining additional security measures being implemented effective immediately. Like having proper ID on school grounds is going to stop Satan.

The rest of the world is going on with its life, and I wonder how we'll react to the next school shooting. Because there will be more. It's just the way the enemy operates. And I wonder how many other people will view it just like the laundry, another bit of unpleasant business we have to deal with, but hey, that's life.

That is NOT life. That is not the life we have under Christ Jesus. And dangit, I am so MAD that we as Christians accept that. When DH and I were listening to Acts on CD last weekend, one of the things that struck me was how different the Christian community acted back then. How passionate they were in living the life Jesus and the disciples lived. Why don't we live like that? How would they respond to such a tragedy? Not with the ho-hum, "oh look, the world is getting worse, whatever shall we do about it," attitude that most of our country is taking.

I pray that we, as the body of Christ, not just a handful of individuals here and there, are willing to go out there, put on our armor, get on our knees, and fight. Because this war is a lot bigger than psychos shooting up schools, kids trying to kill themselves, and all the other nightmares our youth face.

The enemy of the day: Complacency. And that's one we all have the power to fight.


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