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I don't know how much folks follow celebrity news. Honestly, I try not to. However, when I went on one of my obsessive election checks at our local news site, the big news was not how my favorite candidates are doing, but that Britney Spears has filed for divorce.

It hit me with a strange morbidity because when I started this blog, I began praying for her. I've never liked her. I think her music is terrible and she's a horrible example to young women in how she publicly acts and dresses. I don't know her as a person, and I've always felt guilty for disliking someone like that. And while I can't say I've seen or heard anything about her husband that's made me like him either (I know, I'm such a mean you know what), I will say that divorce is not something I'd wish on her or anyone.

The news reports all call it inevitable. And that breaks my heart. Maybe because it's true, but mostly because it shouldn't be.

Why is a marriage, especially one that's only two years old, so easily thrown away?

I still pray for Britney. I pray for her husband. I pray for her children. I pray that God will be with them as they deal with this tough situation and He will bring healing to them. I also pray that the public will give them the space to do so.

The thing that makes me the sickest over the whole thing is I caught part of her interview with Matt Lauer, and while I definitely thought she was way over the top, she made some good points about privacy. Everything she does, everything he does, is judged by a group of people who don't even know them. It has to be hard to wake up to daily comments in the media about being a bad mom or married to a loser and all the other horrible things people say about them. Because I am the research queen, and they still don't have status reports about the election up, I read a few of the articles about the divorce. It sickened me to read the comments-on two blogs alone, there were over a thousand. The worst were the ones that read something like, "Now that you've gotten rid of the loser, you can go back to God."

EXCUSE ME? Oh, you poor pathetic idiots who have the audacity to call yourselves Christians. And yeah, my words are probably not the most Christian thing to say, but it is righteous anger-and maybe one day, I'll learn the nice Jesus-y way to express it.

I honestly and sincerely pray for all the people who think that the dissolution of this marriage is their own personal party time or have some warped idea that this somehow advances whatever bizarre agenda they have. I pray for the hearts of people who would rejoice at the sorrow of Britney, Kevin, and their children.

But my greatest prayer is for marriage. I hate that we live in a world where divorce is so easy, and it's the automatic solution to our problems. Not that I think it's always bad-obviously, if a person is being abused, they need out. I was watching something on Daystar one night where it talked about divorce and why God hates divorce. God hates divorce because it hurts people.

This divorce-it hurts in more ways than we can possibly imagine. There's the normal hurt of any divorce-and it makes me sick to call any hurt from divorce "normal". There is nothing about divorce that is normal. But they will have to endure the hurtful words of people who know nothing about them, who've never spent a day living in their shoes. The rest of us-we will have to watch the sideshow as other, more important issues like an election get brushed to the side. As we make our bets on what next mess will happen in their lives, we dehumanize them just a little bit more. In so doing, we dehumanize ourselves a little more.

Lord, forgive us.


Blogger Jana said...

Pray for me Danica because I was one of the ones who went, "What took her so long?"

You're right. I know nothing of their life together except what the media has distorted. I have no business being unfeeling or blase about it. Divorce, no matter who you are, is a terrible thing--something that Hollywood and celebrities have seriously de-humanized.

So I confess. I'm a horrible person.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Danica/Dream said...

No, you aren't a horrible person. I mean, we all do it. We shouldn't. But we do. Truth be told, I shudder when I look at him, and wonder how on earth she could have had sex with THAT. There were many times I've had to smack myself and remind myself that it is NOT about that at all. He's probably got many fine qualities that none of us have observed. Just because we haven't observed them doesn't mean he doesn't have them. (Pep talking myself here, really).

I think that's why I picked some Hollywood folk to be praying for-we don't see them as people at all-just figures, photographs, and juicy gossip stories.

2:25 PM  

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