Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Low Idiot Tolerance

I know, how un-pc of me. But for those who've known me any length of time, I have such a low tolerance for idiots. And maybe, those are enemies I need to be praying for.

I was thinking about my last post-friends bent on self destruction, and I realized that I have such a hard time loving them through it. I know it's the right thing to do, and I know I should be doing it, but honestly, I just sit there and want to throttle them.

A friend of mine posed a question about whether or not it was possible for God to be disappointed in us. I said yes. He gives us the free will to choose whatever we would like to choose, but we don't always choose right. I think that when we choose wrong, He is disappointed in us. He doesn't love us any less, but He is disappointed with the decision.

I pray that I will get past my low tolerance of what I think are idiots. I have one friend being so stupid in the decisions he's making right now that I can't even bear to talk to him, I'm so angry. I see how badly he's hurting himself and I wish he would just wake up and stop already. It's so hard to sit back and watch. I pray that God will give me some of the strength He uses when we do things that are so heinously offensive to Him, yet He still manages to give all of His love without holding back. It is during those times when we need it the most. Knowing this, I pray that I can still be there, in love, no matter what the person is doing.


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