Thursday, June 21, 2007


First, let me apologize for abandoning this blog for so long. I promise, I'll do better.

Second, I think part of why it's so hard to keep up on praying for our enemies, okay, MINE, is that I'm still so unevolved as a Christian, that as much as I try, I still want fire and brimstone. Really. Why can't God just smite them all and make my life easier? Of course, there's probably people out there who think I'm their enemy and would really like for God to smite me, so maybe it's a good thing that prayer isn't the heavenly version of 1-800-4HITMAN.

But hey, that's the reason this blog exists. I want to evolve. I'd like to be at the point where I can love my enemies. Where I can bless those who curse me. Yes, I know, that takes more of Jesus in me and it's a process. Which is why I'm here. Because it seems to me that a lot of folks have similar struggles in their journey. If I can be of any encouragement in that journey, then that's a good thing.

So share away. And if you have an enemy to add to the sidebar, do let me know. Let's pray for some enemies together.


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